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Metro Detroit's Leading Dry Ice Supplier

We offer same-day and rush delivery of dry ice pellets, rice, and blocks – perfect for cleaning sensitive machinery with ease.

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75 Years of Quality Welding Supplies

Known for our speedy delivery and superior customer service, Metro Welding Supply has been selling welding rod, wires, machines, and other supplies in Greater Metro Detroit since 1937

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Gas Management, Satisfaction Guaranteed

With our Total Gas Management Program, we are accountable for all phases of your gas operations. The end result is a significant reduction in gas usage, lower maintenance cost, higher standards of safety, and improved company efficiency.

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Say Goodbye to Lost Cylinders

Metro Welding Supply has a barcode system that will track the location of your lost or stolen cylinders. Our bar coding systems tells us who originally rented the cylinder and who should receive credit.

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Work With INVAR?

Our proprietary non-flammable mixture of Argon/Hydrogen is a must have for those working with INVAR plate. Available with a CGA-350 valve and unavailable anywhere else its just another reason you should be working with Metro Welding.


Since 1937, Metro Welding has been selling industrial gases, welding rod & wire, welding machines, and welding supplies in the greater Detroit Metro area.  Whether it be large or small industrial supply, we have always offered competitive pricing.



We maintain the largest fleet of specially designed delivery trucks in the region. Timely delivery is vital to our customers and our same day emergency delivery service ensures that you get the help you need when you’re in a pinch. We are fully committed to delivering our products as quickly as possible.


We provide the highest possible level of service our customers can find. Our Total Gas Management Program makes us accountable in all phases of your gas operations—design, supply and performance.

Your Source For Dry Ice

Metro Welding has been a leading supplier of Dry Ice in the Detroit area for over seventy five years. The area is suffering from the largest dry ice shortage in years! If you are having stock issues with your current supplier – give us a call! We have dry ice in stock and ready to ship at our usual unbeatable pricing.

Specialty Gases


Oxygen is most notably the molecule in the air we breath which keeps us up right. Considering this, Oxygen is used for medical applications and respiratory care. Oxygen also has several industrial applications including steel forging, steel fabrication, Steel treating, laser cutting.

Argon Gas

Argon gas is a noble, inert, gas which has several industrial, laboratory, medical, and manufacturing applications. Metro Welding supply has experience designing and installing specialty gas systems designed to suit the individual needs of Fabrication facilities, Research Laboratories.

Helium Gas

Helium is a Rare Gas. It is a finite resource with varied and vast applications. Helium molecules are tiny which make them perfect for leak testing and mass spectrometry. It is also used for laser welding, aluminum welding, and is mixed with other gases for use with stainless steel welding

Nitrogen Gas

Nitrogen is an inert gas which has several industrial, laboratory, medical, research and manufacturing applications. Being by nature dry and inert nitrogen is a perfect purging gas, and has various applications as both a gas and a liquid. As a liquid, nitrogen has temperature of below -196C.


After switching from a large national supplier, I have been constantly impressed with Metro Welding Supply’s ability to provide the means and skills needed to resolve all the issues that we have had in the past, and I am confident in sending them anything that comes up in future. I recommend Metro to all our customers when I can. Again, many thanks!


Parton & Preble, Inc.

We have been utilizing welding and gas products over the past 25 years in business and after switching suppliers over the years I believe we have found a home at Metro Welding. Service is great and pricing is always in line. Deliveries are made on time. They offer a service that is not available everywhere else. We consider them an asset to our business.

Chris Austin

Richmond Steel

I would like to thank Metro Welding Supply for all the help and great service your company has provided over the years to us. Your dedication to customer satisfaction and overall support of our gas and welding needs has been outstanding! We look forward to a bright future and growing relationship knowing you can meet our needs whenever we call.

Ryan Morgan

Utility Lines Construction Services

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About Us

Since 1937, we at Metro Welding Supply have prided ourselves on providing our customers quality packaged gases, welding products, and outstanding service. This locally owned and operated business continues to adhere to this philosophy, which has served our customers well and our business has grown steadily as a result. We are now the largest independently owned full service packaged gas producer in this region.