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Say goodbye to lost/stolen cylinders. Metro Welding Supply has the capability of tracking cylinders. Our barcode system, will track the location of your cylinders, when they leave our dock and when they are returned to us. Stolen cylinders that are returned by another party will not receive credit. Our bar coding system tells us who originally rented the cylinder and who should receive the credit for returning the cylinder. For more information about this system, contact sales@metrowelding.com.

Other Services

Cylinder, Bulk, and Micro-Bulk Gases

We meet every level of gas requirements—big or small. From individual cylinders to bulk gases, we have a broad spectrum of programs to meet your objectives. We pride ourselves on the flexibility to work within the parameters of individual customers.

Field Service

We have the knowledge, experience, and programs to troubleshoot and problem-solve your gas related problems.

Metro Micro Bulk Truck

Micro-Bulk mode allows for cooler gas because of the lower saturation of product. It also guarantees less leaks from “bad” cylinders. A MMB fill has a higher purity from consistent use of the same cylinder and a closed system environment.

Specialty Gas Lab

Established more than ten years ago by a degreed chemist, our lab offers ultra high purity gases and certified mixtures—saving our customers time and money.


Same Day: Urgent orders placed during regular business hours can be delivered same day.
Next Day: Orders placed before 5:00pm will be delivered next day for no additional charge.
Emergency Delivery: Metro Welding Supply is available 24/7.

Technical Support

We are a leader in the execution of programs and services that help customers become more efficient and effective gas users. With a dedicated sales and customer service team, Metro Welding Supply is able to provide insight and consulting on issues that increase productivity and cut costs.

Equipment Rental/Repair

Metro Welding Supply also offers equipment rental as well as equipment repair.

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